Kabwe policemen in court for bribery

Two police officers from the protective unit in Kabwe today appeared for trial before Kabwe principle resident magistrate John Mbuzi for soliciting a bribe contrary to the ACC Act. The two pretended to be detective officers but were from the protective unit.
And there was drama in court when lawyers from the Anti corruption commission (ACC) and the ones defending the corrupt cops exchanged words over legal jargon and magistrate Mbuzi had to adjourn hearings into the chambers on two occasions as arguments were becoming more personal than professional among the lawyers.
According to the charge the two Roy Sitenge and Changano Changano are alleged to have solicited for a bribe from Gift Lumayi, a teacher in order for them to drop charges of being found in possession of a stolen computer. The cops are being represented by Kamo Simfukwe from the legal aid department and Tutwa Ngulube of FB Nanguzgambo and associates while the ACC are being represented by Mateo Kamanga and McQueen Zaza, both advocates of ACC.
In a courtroom packed mostly by police officers who came to give solidarity to their colleagues, Lumayi told the court that the two, between August and September, 2012 did solicit for KR800 but he reported the matter to the ACC who gave him K500,000 marked notes of K50,000 to give to the cops.
Lumayi said he gave the money to Changano at Finance Bank, Kabwe and shortly afterwards the officers from ACC apprehended him but he attempted to chew the notes. He was arrested and charged for soliciting and receiving a bribe. The money was recovered and tendered as exhibit in court but Changano claimed the money was meant for the fish which Lumayi got from Sitenge on credit.
Meanwhile, Ngulube whose application to join the defense team was only submitted today got engaged into exchange of words with his colleagues from the ACC causing many interruptions to proceedings. The ACC lawyers objected to Ngulube’s antics of asking the witness confusing questions. Zaza reminded Ngulube to leave legal jargon to the legal fraternity but Ngulube responded that he was too senior to be corrected by Zaza. “Your honor I would like to respond to the objections being made by Mr. Zaza, I would like to remind him and put it on record that he is too junior to me”, said Ngulube who was one of the applicants for the recently rigged Kapiri Mposhi bye election won by PF.
Ngulube even objected to what Zaza called a friendly joke with the other defense  lawyer Simfukwe denying that Zaza and Simfukwe were not friends as such they cannot joke but Magistrate Mbuzi ruled that all lawyers are friends.
This caused Magistrate Mbuzi to adjourn the session on two occasions and after the final adjournment Ngulube was heard telling Zaza that he has ability to finish him, apparently due to his PF linkages.
“Ise Zaza ndise ba PF so ninga kucheke so (Me I belong to the PF, and as such I can easily finish you up),” said Ngulube while Zaza laughed off the threats.
The matter has been adjourned to 6th and 7th June for continued trial and the ACC has pledged to conclude by that date. The firm FB Nanguzgambo and associates is the one embroiled in fraudulent change of ownership of a house by a Kabwe businessman Christon Vwalika from the original owner Leonard Muzeya who has since reported Vwalika to the police frauds section.

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