Kabwe residents protest ZR Headoffice secret relocation, shoddy road works

Kabwe residents protest ZR Headoffice secret relocation, shoddy road works

kabwe 1 kabwe2 kabwe3The Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) has petitioned ailing dictator Michael Sata to rescind the manouvre to take the Zambia Railways head office to Lusaka and have openly condemned the shoddy road works currently being undertaken by Asphalt Roads.

The PF government is preparing to transfer the railway head office to Lusaka, so that contracts for goods and services can easily be offered to their preferred bidders in the on going rehabilitation exercise from the US$120 million euro bond funds allocated to the company.

KCCI vice president Andrew Sinyangwe presented the 3 page petition to central province minister Philip Kosamu and demanded that the decision be rescinded as it would make it expensive and difficult for Kabwe based suppliers to compete favourably with other competitors.

Speaking at the same function, PF MPs James Kapyanga and Sydney Mushanga for Kabwe central and Bwacha constituencies respectively said they were surprised that the PF government had continued to neglect the town of Kabwe.
“This town has been neglected for a long time by successive governments but what have we done to deserve this?” cried Mushanga who also warned that politics of Zambia were heavily influenced by Kabwe and if things are not good in Kabwe then the spill over is everywhere.

Kapyanga said the decision must be rescinded with immediate effect and that together with Mushanga have been lobbying for timely completion of better road works but the government has let them down with a substandard road being done by Asphalt Roads. “We have been to each and every relevant office, everywhere government is building better roads, but they are doing shoddy works in Kabwe, we demand a fair share, and the ZR headoffice shifting will just bring more poverty to Kabwe,” said kapyanga.

And a source close to the police and office of the President (OP) has told the Watchdog in Kabwe that Sata was annoyed that a permit was granted by police to allow for the people to express themselves but efforts to cancel the event failed as he was advised that doing so would just lead to more confusion.

The event which was well attended by members of the business community of Zambian and Asian origin and ordinary community members was heavily policed by plain clothed policemen and intelligence officers to make sure that they get details of what was being said.

And in a desperate move, Acting Chief Executiove officer Dr. Muyenga Atanga, who is also the husband to PF deputy Secretary General Bridget Atanga held a hasty press briefing at shitima house where he maintained that the company would take the head office to Lusaka for better business operations.

Atanga is a PF stooge in the corporate affairs of Zambia Railways and is reportedly raping the company coffers by demanding that the company pays for his accomodation ion Lusaka when he is already in government accomodation by virtue of him being permanent secretary for transport and communications.


KCCI President Andrew Sinyangwe speaking to media

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