Kabwe soldier kills pregnant wife and buries her as ‘dead dog’

POLICE in Kabwe are holding a soldier who allegedly killed his pregnant wife and later dumped her body in a disused well in Poleni Township, according to the Times of Zambia.

There were emotional scenes in the township as the police with the help of the fire brigade officers retrieved the body which was wrapped in a cloth and stuffed in a trunk.

The woman identified as Melody Kasonde, 17, was eight months pregnant and went missing from their home on Tuesday.

Yesterday around 06:00 hours, the soldier allegedly got a trunk in which the body was stuffed and called for assistance before dumping it in a shallow well about 500 metres from the township.

This raised suspicion as the stench from the trunk was detected by the soldier’s “helper” as they hurriedly walked to dispose it in a shallow well.

Police identified the soldier as Stephen Kabayo of Chindwin Barracks, who had since been detained at Kabwe Central Police Station. Kabayo was later picked up from the barracks where he had reported for work.

Jeff Munumpa, a resident of Kamushanga Township said the soldier allegedly asked him to help him dispose of a “dead dog.”

Mr Munumpa narrated that he was “hired” around 06:00 hours to “get rid” of the dog but after the mission, he reported the case to Lukanga Police Post.

“As we were carrying the trunk I discovered that it was not a dog inside but a human being. After parting company with the soldier, I decided to go back and check. Upon arrival I saw that there was a human being. That is how I reported the case to the police, ” he said.

Sister of the deceased, Rachael Malakata who could not hold back her tears explained that she last saw her sister on Tuesday.

She said the family was aware that the sister and her husband had marital problems, but did not think that she could be killed in such a manner.

At the scene, fire brigade and police officers removed the decomposing body which was half-dressed while the legs and hands were tied. The skin on her stomach and forehead was peeling off.

Angry residents called for stiffer punishment for men who kill their wives.

Mary Musonda said it was saddening that some women in the country had continued to suffer at the hands of brutal husbands.

The body was taken to Kabwe General Hospital mortuary.


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