Kabwe taxi drivers and police battles in pictures

Kabwe taxi drivers and police battles in pictures

an innocent person captured by a plain clothed officerF6791

OP officer captures suspected taxi driver

Kabwe on fire at rail crossingDSCF6790

Taxi drivers burn tires on road


Taxi drivers trying to reason with DC before riots

plain clothed police officer clobered by cab driversSCF6784

Taxi drivers punch and clobber an OP officer

Police in Kabwe last week fought running battle with taxi drivers resulting in at least one recorded death of an innocent woman. Two weeks earlier  the drivers were given a fourteen days ultimatum to leave the stations or face the wrath of the law.

On Thursday, over 500 taxi drivers went to seek audience of Kabwe District Commissioner  Patrick chishala. They taxi drivers asked Chisala why the government wants to chase them when street vendor were operating on the same streets and that there are no other job opportunities created by the PF government.

Const.Phiri and Chanda removing baragade after batther from Kasanda policeDSCF6795

Police officer acting as fire-brigade after taxi drivers burned tires on road

That was a day after president announced that his regime had created  190,000 jobs. However the youth who brought him to power have passed a vote of no confidence in PF government.

“Mr. Sata is seating on the time bomb’, he is a lier, and KK who had a full cabinet was kicked out of power. For him it won’t be difficult. He will pay back…” one youth told Chisala to his face.

The photos here show what happened after the DC refused to listen to taxi drivers. Plain clothes police officers mainly from the OP were called in to handle the situation but the result was the disaster. See the photo where taxi drivers are taking their revenge and frustration on one plain police e officer. We are told this officer is battling for his life in hospital.

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