Kabwe vendors protest, don’t want Town Clerk Muuka

Street vendors in Kabwe have demanded for the removal of cadre Town Clerk Oliver Muuka whom they accuse of working against the PF government. Muuka is reportedly receiving bribes from some named Lebanese shop owners and ordering that vendors move from the corridors.

The vendors this morning staged a protest at the civic centre demanding to meet Muuka but he cowardly locked himself in his office and later called a management meeting trying to influence other directors to endorse his clandestine operations with the Lebanese.

The vendors charged that President Michael Sata had issued instructions to councils not to harass vendors but Muuka’s actions meant he was being disloyal to the President. They have charged that if the sex maniac TC is not removed from Kabwe, they shall become foot soldiers to decampaign the PF in the forthcoming Highridge ward by elections.

“We demand that this Muuka goes back to Sinazongwe because he is working against President Sata who has a heart for vendors. If President Sata does not act on him, we shall decampaign the PF in Highridge just like we did in Kaputula ward when the DC (Patrick Chishala) was becoming stupid, we made sure that the opposition won and we shall do it again,” said the irate vendors.

Muuka, who has been blamed for a number of illegalities is a PF cadre drawn from a small Sinazongwe district where he left a lot of scandals among them sex with some married women. At Kabwe municipal council he is also involved in sex scandals with two women; we will in the meantime withhold their names while we challenge him to deny this.

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