Kabwe woman arrested for implicating hubby in fake defilement

A WOMAN in Kabwe has been arrested for tampering with her nine-year-old daughter’s private parts to fake that her husband had defiled the girl.

Agness Musambezi Bruna, 25, allegedly broke two eggs on her child’s private parts and later reported to the police that her husband, James Lungu, 33, a teacher, had defiled the girl.

Central Province police chief Solomon Jere said yesterday that Bruna was on separation with Mr Lungu and the move was aimed at “fixing him.”

A medical report indicated that the girl had bruises because the woman had tampered with her organ.

Mr Lungu was apprehended for questioning but investigations by the police revealed that the allegations were untrue.

The girl disclosed when she was interviewed by the police that she was not defiled as alleged by her mother but that she had inserted a spoon with egg to make it look like she had been abused.

Police have since arrested Bruna and charged her with three counts of giving false information to the police, assault and theft.

Bruna is alleged to have stolen her husband’s goods. She is being detained at Kabwe Central Police Station pending appearance in court.

Dr Jere said that Mr Lungu had been released and would be turned into a State witness.

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