Kabwe woman kills man for spilling opaque beer

Kabwe woman kills man for spilling opaque beer


A youth, Fenny Mweemba of Katondo shanty compound in Kabwe has been killed by a 22 year old woman of the same area after he accidentally spilled her opaque beer commonly known as Chibuku at a local tavern.

Central province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi disclosed that Mweemba accidentally staggered into the container of Margaret Phiri’s beer thereby causing some spillage but this irritated Phiri who descended on him, and pushed him to the ground thereby killing him.

The incident happened on Sunday at Come again tavern in the sprawling compound of Katondo and Phiri has since been arrested and is expected to appear in court soon to face the charge of murder.

Meanwhile some sources who witnessed the incident said that Mweemba and Phiri were once lovers but Phiri was later ditched because of her violent and bad drinking behaviour and this irritated her hence her action to punch and push Mweemba who was much younger than her.

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