Kabwe youths disrespected, abandoned

Kabwe youths disrespected, abandoned


By Don Mwenda

Why is it easy to defend a foreign owned already established company but not an indigenous Zambian owned company?

Why are Kabwe youths taken for granted all the time when it comes to youth empowerment,employment creation, and any other project purported to raise and improve their deteriorating standards of living.

Our Zambian owned companies are forced to comply with labour statutes at gun point while foreign owned businesses it is business as usual. We have our brothers and sisters working for chain store’s like ShopRite over 5 years and are still working as casual workers, working over the stipulated hours of work and their salary doesn’t meet the stipulated minimum wage(less than k1000). Who Bewitched us as a nation ai? A nation that educates people to get a job and not to think? Anyways story for another day.

It is sad, disappointing and disheartening to learn that what happened a few months ago were government hired people to manufacture masks without any advertisement, puma filling station in Kabwe Central after renovations just hired people from Lusaka and Kapiri without any advertisement of whatsoever and we all know that the PF government has failed to provide jobs to the youths in Kabwe and Zambia at large.Honestly What is there for Kabwe as town and it’s residents? What is there for the youths?

Why has government decided to give a blind eye on us Kabwe residents?

The filing station should have atleast prioritized the locals so that atleast they may be employed and earn something for their families who are languishing in abject poverty. We are all aware of the high cost of living we have been subjected to.

Engaging local businesses too would have been a win win situation for the suppliers in this unfriendly business environment but instead Kabwe businesses were starved and choked from supplying building materials even 40% of building material sourced from within Kabwe would have still made a difference. One would would argue with me that such a move doesn’t have any form of legal backing,but please be kindly reminded that as a leader it is your responsibility to lobby on behalf of your people.

If contractors doing projects within Kabwe can not engage local constructors and local businesses then who is going to
engage them?

For your own information,when Kabwe Mall was being constructed,Tony Stone the owner of the contract stood his ground were contracting of a local person was concerned and we all knew of what benefit it would be for a town like this one. A local got the contract and delivered.

We are failing to engage locals that’s why levels of youth unemployment and generally unemployment are piling up due to unnatural activities ocastrated by us. Let us change the narrative by engaging our own people first because charity begins at home not in the neighbour’s home.

Kindly be reminded that we have business houses in Kabwe who also have the capacity to employ people from other parts of the country but they are also looking in the welfare of Kabwe as a town. The businesses we are fighting not to be engaged by such big companies like PUMA are business doing most of the social cooperate responsibility in various communities in our town.

Let us change the mindset of BUKAITEMWE olo MUZUNGU ANIKONDE at the expense of our suffering brothers and sisters.

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