Kabwe’s KNC ‘PF’ Radio station paying slave wages


Kindly withhold our names, we wish to expose the slave conditions prevailing at our radio station, KNC here in Kabwe where the owner pays slave wages and efforts to seek redress from government officials have failed as the radio station is a PF vuvuzela.

Workers here get as little as K600 per month while we do 4 hours shifts almost every day. When we complain we are accused of being saboteurs and told that ‘you can leave we will employ some new people like school leavers who can accept these conditions. Zambia has no jobs on the market so if you want to join people on the streets you can go’.

This radio station has been receiving funding from government through fake ‘adverts’ and recently Kabwe District commissioner Patrick Chishala bought a fridge for the station. News reporters who carry stories about the opposition parties are heavily censured and recently three people lost jobs because of covering opposition UPND and what was considered anti-government news.

In short there is no professionalism, the station is merely a messenger of the PF as can be evidenced from the number of PF officials and ministers including Vice president Guy Scott featured on propaganda interviews. The PF have asked the owner, Chimuka Chiyamba to reject any efforts by opposition parties to feature even on paid for adverts.

I ask the labour inspectors to visit us and verify what I am writing about, besides the station has not even met all the requirements for operating.

Yours faithfully,

Disgruntled KNC Radio workers.

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