Kabwe’s Sable Zinc Mine to lay off 150 workers

Kabwe’s Sable Zinc Mine to lay off 150 workers

Sable Zinc mining company of Kabwe has announced that it will lay off its 150 workers next month and wind up operations due to unprofitability, the move has shocked the workers and residents of Kabwe.

Sable Zinc KabweCompany General Manager David littleford announced during a media briefing that the company will next month be placed on care and maintenance. Sable Zinc, owned by Glencore Investments is involved in copper and cobalt processing and after the closure of Mulungushi textiles and poor performance of Kabwe Industrial Fabrics (Kifco), was one of the major employers.

And workers spoken to said it was sad that they will also be offloaded into the streets in a town already suffering from massive unemployment. Some residents and businessmen have also expressed concern as the move will reduce the circulation of money, contrary to the PF slogan of ‘more money in your pockets’.

Meanwhile UPND central province youth Chairman Milner Mwanakampwe has bemoaned the development and wished that government could intervene. Mwanakampwe fears that the move will lead to destitution and break down in law as many young people may resort to stealing and prostitution.

He also wondered why PF has continued being careless with governance issues. “This is a careless government, they lied that they would increase jobs in this country but that has not come to pass and Kabwe is suffering massive unemployment and for some more people to be offloaded is a very sad development which may lead to breakdown in law. Many families will be condemned to death all because of PF’s poor leadership style,” cried Mwanakampwe.

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