Kachingwe shocked with Lungu’s Bemba are thieves statement

Kachingwe shocked with Lungu’s Bemba are thieves statement


I have learnt with shock and disgust insults against the Bemba speaking people attributed to the Head of State.

President Lungu was on Thursday quoted as having said out of 10 thieves, six are Bemba.

“The other day I was doing statistics and I came across one damning fact that out of 10 thieves, six will be Bemba,” President Lungu was quoted.

If it is true that the Head of State indeed uttered these insulting words against the Bemba speaking people, who massively voted for him, I demand an unreserved public apology from him.

For all we know, the Patriotic Front is in power today because of the massive support from the Bemba on the Copperbelt, Muchinga, Luapula, Northern and parts of Central provinces who are today being insulted, called as thieves.

Maybe we are also to blame as Bembas because we have supported successive leaders with their parties to get into power and have always gotten nothing in return.

Our areas still remain undeveloped and all we get are insults and ridicule from successive governments we have put into office to govern us.

We recall that Bemba people vehemently and valiantly fought for Cha Cha Cha but our man (Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe) was forced out of government by the people we supported.

Successive governments have looked down on us the Bemba people and insulted us.

Maybe we are to blame for being wavering and vacillating without unity of purpose.

If this insult is true then it should be a call for us Bemba people, both in government and outside, on the streets and villages, to start thinking about our future status in this country because we can no longer cower listening to the organised thumping of our hearts as an ethnic grouping.

We have been unsettled enough, time has come for us to start practicing what others have been doing in other areas; “Mwana noko awama libili” or “Mwana mayo.”

It is in the same vain that I call on the Chinese ambassador to Zambia to take note of the insulting and derogatory statement made by President Lungu at the same event that the Chinese people are like cockroaches.

It is un-statesmanship, undiplomatic and unbecoming of a Head of State to liken any race of people to cockroaches.

The Head of State’s statement that Chinese are like cockroaches because like them (cockroaches), are resilient and able to survive in extreme temperatures must be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians.

President Lungu must be reminded that such talk will only serve to promote xenophobia against the Chinese people who have been our country’s all weather friends.

Signed by a senior Bemba and senior citizen
Major Richard Kachingwe

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