Nevers Mumba suspended from MMD

MMD president Nevers Mumba has been suspended.

MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe has announced that Mwandi MP and vice-president Mike Kaingu has taken over as acting president.

In a letter to the National executive committee of the party, Kachingwe said that he had decided to use powers vested in him by the constitution to cancel the election of Dr. Mumba to save the party from infiltration and destruction.

Major Kachingwe said that it had come to the attention of the party that Dr. Mumba is still a bonafide president of the Reform Party which he has not renounced or dissolved and that party records are still active at the registrar of societies.

Major Kachingwe said that this was against article 4 (A) (3) of the party constitution which stated that “to be accorded membership, a person must not be a member of any other political party in Zambia.

He also stated in the letter that when bidding for presidency, Dr. Mumba did not disclose the fact that his re-admission had been rejected and believably presented to the elections committee credentials obtained fraudulently.

Major Kachingwe noted that following Dr. Mumba’s expulsion from the party in 2005, his application for re-admission in 2008 was rejected at a meeting chaired by then party president, late Patrick Mwanawasa and attended by Kabinga Pande, Ronnie Shikapwasha and Mutale Nalumango among others.

He stated that this was also against article 6 (ii) of the party constitution which stated that “A member who is expelled from the party may be considered for re-admission upon re-application to the national Executive Committee.

Kachingwe further stated in the letter that the situation had potential to put the party into a dilemma if an election was to be held today because Dr. Mumba would be disqualified on technicalities for belonging to two political parties.

Dr. Mumba has also been accused of launching an illegal campaign for 2016 in Mufumbwe and sponsoring people to hound out the secretariat on flimsy allegations.

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