Kamfinsa police accused of stealing phones, cash and beating innocent Livingstone residents

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has appealed to government to send back the police
officers that were sent to retain calm to Livingstone.

Provincial Youth Chairperson Francis Hakayobe said it is very unfortunate that police who are suppose to bring law and order in the country are causing unrest among the people of Livingstone.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Livingstone today, Mr Hakayobe said the reports that the Kafinsa police officers are beating up people in the night and stealing phones and cash makes for sad reading.

Mr Hakayobe noted that Livingstone has been known to be a peaceful town until recently when an increase in murder cases rose and reinforcement in form of police from Kafinsa was called in to arrest the situation.

He said having police presence is not wrong but when those employed to provide law and order in the country start behaving as criminals it is worrisome.

Mr Hakayobe said people have the right to movement as opposed to the imposed curfew on the local citizens of Livingstone who face brutal treatment from the police if found after the curfew hours.

“People of Livingstone should not be subjected to being beaten for loitering and having their property stolen. Instead, those applying brutal force should be sent back with immediate effect for the peace of mind of the people of Livingstone” he said.

The Provincial Youth Chairman said it is not that the people of Livingstone are against Kafinsa police but it was the conduct of the officers the people are not happy with.

Mr Hakayobe observed that police should provide protection but when they start being  criminals themselves it becomes a fear factor and people lose trust in law enforcement.

Muvi television reported that people have been complaining of physical harassment which mainly includes being beaten and having cell phones and cash stolen by the police officers from Kafinsa who have since imposed a curfew in Livingstone.

Fifty (50) Kafinsa Police officers were called in to find thugs that killed a guard and Italian pilot at Zig Zag Lodge  and thugs who broke into and stole an undisclosed amount of mixed currency at bureau de charge recently.

Three suspects have been arrested and charged with the murder and an additional three people have been arrested in connection with the theft of cash at the bureau de charge.

Southern Province Minister obvious Mwaliteta said he is holding a meeting with the police from Kafinsa and will release a statement later after the meeting concerning the matter.


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