Kafue cops accused of terrorising residents

I would like to air my views on how Police Officers are violating these rights.

Police Service in Zambia has turned into a Force, my focus is on the police station of Kafue Estates, where suspects, offenders are being beaten like animals by one officer named Kamfwa who prefers to be called Jet Lee, this man is assaulting our children on a dailybasis. He doesn’t serve but beats, lots of teens are nursing their wounds.

We have been seeing suspects collapsing after being beaten by this EVIL MAN! These officers have a tendency of twisting offenses so to inflict fear in their guardians and by so doing, they tell parents of offenders to pay monies so that their children can be released.

We have been seeing this going on for months now hence am using this platform to air out my views cause lots of people are being locked up in cells for days without any case and are released when there guardians pay Kamfwa and his friends money. They have turned the police into a business entity.

This brutality must come to an end or else people will raise against the government.

Police Should return to servicing not Police Force. Move in and investigate cause these officers are terrorising us.

Author’s name withheld

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