Kafue Gorge Power project : Zambians have paid price of incompetence


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member.

Kafue Gorge Lower project was an MMD project which was cancelled by the PF regime immediately after assuming office in 2011.

The initial cost of this project was $1.5bn.

When the PF decided to resume the project, the cost was deliberately put up by $500m to $2bn. With the deterioration of the #Kwacha against the #dollar, the project is expected to cost us another $625,000. It means this project may well cost the Zambian people an actual $3bn from an initial $1.5bn.

As a result of the poor leadership foresight of the PF and Mr. Edgar Lungu, the unending loadshedding we have been enduring between 2015 – date has cost the economy around $10.5bn ($3.25bn in 2015 – 2016 and another $7.24bn in 2017 – date).

Does President Edgar Lungu really think that he will just cut the ribbon, open the power plant and boom – all is back to normal?

Businesses have died. Families have lost jobs and incomes and the country has lost crucial revenues which we could have used to put medicines in our clinics and hospitals, employ teachers, nurses and doctors; and yes, create other industrial based gainful employment opportunities for our youth, as well as paying our pensioners.

It is an insult for Mr. Lungu to brush under the carpet, the sufferings Zambians have endured due to #loadshedding thanks to his inability to provide decisive, credible leadership.


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