‘Kafue polling agents are all PF cadres’


Reliable sources from within the team appointed by Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to select the polling staff has observed the following irregularities:

Ø Most qualified staff were sidelined at the expense of the ill qualified staff who can easily be intimidated.

Ø Most polling staff appointed in Kafue District did not undergo ECZ training.

Ø These staffs were fused on the list through the “back door” i.e. added after the training.

Ø The Council Secretary is a known PF cadre who has been making it difficult for the polling agents from other parties to obtain accreditation.

Ø The mentioned lists comprise of P.F CADRES because they came through the DC’s office, CS and other interested stakeholders within PF. The DC and MP Mwaliteta has been seen bringing names to the Council on daily basis.

Ø These fake polling staffs are not Kafue based residents but from other provinces like the Copperbelt.

With all this The suspicion of rigging is thus inevitable.

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