Kafulafuta by-election looming as MP bribed to defect to PF

Kafulafuta MMD MP, James Chishiba is tomorrow expected to defect to the ruling PF after being bought and promised with a deputy ministerial position once he wins he seat back in parliament.

Sources within the PF said Mr. Chishiba who will create another unnecessary by-election is part of the wider scheme by the PF reach the required 106 majority in parliament required to manipulate the constitution.

Insiders say the PF have already beefed-up numbers in the area through the on-going voters registration exercise in Show-grounds that only closes updating once a date for election has been announced for a constituency.

The ruling PF are so far not confortable with certain clauses in the constitution such as the 50+1 percent requirement for a winning presidential candidate and the running mate, despite them being adopted unanimously by delegates at the just ended National Constitutional Conference.

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