Kafwaya supports Prof Nkandu Luo’s tribal talk


Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has maintained that what Prof Nkandu Luo said during the recent bye elections in Chilubi did not amount to tribalism.

Speaking when he featured on the Oxygen of democracy program on Prime TV on Monday night, Kafwaya wondered what was tribal with Prof Luo’s statement that a Tonga can’t be taken to Chilubi to inherit a Bemba adding that even him cannot be inherited by a Tonga from Choma if he died.

He further claimed that he does not know Chanda Nyela’s position in the PF hence whatever he said in Chilubi did not come from the PF.

‘Who is Chanda Nyela? I don’t even know him, what position does he hold in PF structures. Nkandu Luo said a Bemba can’t be replaced by a Tonga when he or she dies so just because she mentioned Tonga it should raise issues just because you want political mileage,’ Kafwaya said.

He charged that political tribalism was introduced by the UPND when Hakainde Hichilema replaced Anderson Mazoka when he died and further insinuated that the UPND top leadership was not tribally balanced.

When challenged that the UPND structures were tribally balanced, Kafwaya said the party presidency and not structures is what matters adding that the PF will be very happy if the UPND convention (General Assembly) produces a non Tonga as president.

On accusations of corruption in the government, Kafwaya said it was all fake news because it cannot be substantiated.

Kafwaya also hallucinated that in 1991, he was an accountant and participated in the privatisation process. Facts however are that Kafwaya was only 15 years old in 1991.

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