Kaingu calls Miles Sampa’s bluff over his taxi business disguised as donation to youths

Kaingu calls Miles Sampa’s bluff over his taxi business disguised as donation to youths

10423872_629707077145624_4444191473009023193_nMMD Mwandi Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu has observed that the gesture by PF Matero MP Miles Sampa to donate taxis to jobless youths in his constituency is a business venture.

Dr Kaingu said there is nothing spectacular about Mr Sampa’s initiative because he is treating it as a business venture.
“It is not really a donation. It’s an investment. He promised those youths and he has used a business principle to deliver part of that promise. It’s really nothing as far as am concerned,” Dr Kaingu said.

He said the public should not use the Mr Sampa’s initiative as the pinnacle for public service saying some MPs do a lot of work even without publicizing them.
“Some work quietly you know, they don’t want to attract unnecessary attention but they do a lot of work for their people so for me am really not bothered,” he said.

Sampa got a loan from Indo Zambia bank using his gratuity from parliament and political influence as surety.
He is buying taxis to give to some Matero men he refers to as youths. Under the arrangement, the men will be required to cash in K600 every week in the account controlled by Sampa.

He claims that this money will be used to buy other taxis for other ‘youths’.

What he does not say is what will happen to men who fail to meet this cashing target.

It is also not clear if these men will be paid for working as taxi drivers to raise K2, 400 per month or they are working under a hire-purchase type of contract where at the end, the ownership of the cabs with pass to them. If it is a hire purchase, how much is each driver expected to raise before Sampa can handover the cars to the men, and in what space of time.

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