Kaingu lied: all individuals arrested during riots are registered students

The Minister of Education, Dr Michael Kaingu, in his address to the nation on 3rd February, 2016 had erroneously alleged that 25 students were arrested and that 10 of those students were in fact opposition activists. First and foremost, it is clear that the minister has very little information about the happenings at the university because 32 and not 25 students were arrested in total. We would also like to explicitly and categorically state that all the students that were arrested are in fact registered and bonafide students of The Copperbelt University.

For the students at The Copperbelt University, such misinformation is not new, the Ministry of Education has, time and again, lied to the students about when they would get their allowances. It’s therefore no wonder that the student populace decided to walk out and not give Dr. Kaingu the chance to speak his mind when he visited the university. There is no honour whatsoever in lies, and this the Honourable Minister must know.

We are therefore challenging the Minister of Education, Dr Michael Kaingu to be honourable and present the full names and details of the purported opposition activists within 48hours. Failure to which, we shall present all the names and student identification numbers of all the students that were arrested and discredit his office.
We would also like to thank all the students and parents that have supported us during such an unprecedented trying moment for students at The Copperbelt University. Special thanks to all the students and parents that have contributed and still contributing funds to meet the legal fees for the on-going court cases. We soldier on as a united force; it shall be well.
Efforts are being made to address the closure in colaboration with unzasu nipa and hone and updates will be given with progress.
Peter Nyongani
Acting COBUSU President

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