Kaingu, not MMD is enemy number one of UPND – Muhabi

Director of Communication in the MMD President’s office Muhabi Lungu has rubbished claims by party vice president Michael Kaingu that the United Party for National Development, UPND, was their number one enemy as false.

Lungu said Kaingu had personal issues with the UPND that had nothing to do with the party.

He said Kaingu should accept that his scheme to call for an extraordinary conference had failed.

“The UPND are not our number one enemy. The sentiments expressed by Dr Kaingu are his own opinion and he is expressing his own personal issues with the UPND. We in MMD are neither in politics nor in the game of politics about enmity or about hatred,” he said.

“We are in politics to provide checks and balances to the Patriotic Front government and in this particular case we have been working closely with the UPND on the matter of the constitution and we do not by any means see the UPND as our enemy.

“We want to work with them so that we can provide our mandate of providing checks and balances to the PF government so those are his own personal views and we refute them in the strongest of terms possible.”

He said Kaingu should either reconcile with the MMD or join the PF where his inclinations seemed tilted.

“Dr Kaingu should know that their motion to hold a convention within MMD has been defeated. Eight provinces have already indicated that they do not want a convention. In the case of Eastern Province they met twice with the group of Dr Kaingu and came up with the same resolution,” Lungu said.

“They have said nw. So Dr Kaingu either must reconcile or he must leave the MMD and go join the PF since he hates the UPND.”

Kaingu has found himself trapped after the scheme to hound out party president Nevers Mumba flopped and he seems to be leaning towards the PF that he admittedly identified him and his colleague Brian Chituwo to auction the MMD.

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