Kaingu refutes Post newspaper story of calling HH a tribalist

MMD Vice President for Political Affairs Dr. Michael Kaingu has called on the Post Newspapers to stop using him to settle personal scores with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.
Reacting to a story that appeared in the Post Newspapers that quoted him as saying Hichilema was a tribalist when he commented on the use of local languages, Dr. Kaingu who is also Mwandi Member of Parliament said he never called Hichilema a tribalist.
“I have asked them to retract the story but they have not done so. Here is what I told the reporter. I said the use of local languages if well implemented may be a good idea. For example most countries that have quickly developed use the language of play up to University level.
I come from a culture background. Countries like United States of America have developed because of promoting their culture. You always want to quote in Dollars, dress like Americans or talk like Americans. So they are exporting culture.
That is what I said. Differing in opinion does not warrant me to call HH a tribalist” he said.
Dr. Kaingu said he emphasised that the use of local languages once well implemented can help develop the country.
“Further I said the use of local languages can help develop the nation but on condition that the government identifies specific natural resources in particular provinces. For example government should identify what can be exploited in Western province for it does not make sense for a person who has acquired his education in Lozi to go and work in Bembaland” he said.
He further said the issue of learning in local languages should be one of those to be referred to the referendu

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