Kaingu says aptitude test higher than grade 12 certificate

Kaingu says aptitude test higher than grade 12 certificate

Kaingu3-624x536MINISTER of Higher Education Michael Kaingu has advised Zambians to remember that some people were admitted to universities and obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees and certificates after passing aptitude tests without necessarily possessing a Grade 12 certificate.

He said this should be a consideration as people debate the new constitutional requirement for one to contest parliamentary, local government and mayoral elections on August 11.

Kaingu said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that in the olden days, people without Grade 12 certificates were allowed to pursue various disciplines at universities if they passed aptitude tests.

“People should, therefore, understand that any college certificate or university certificate is higher than a Grade 12 certificate.

“So as people debate this important issue in the Zambian Constitution, let them compare the two and it is important also that people know or understand what is higher between the two,” he said.

Kaingu said although he cannot speak on behalf of the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ), it is important that people understand what qualification is higher between Grade 12 certificate and a university certificate.

The recently amended constitution states that one of the requirements for one to contest a parliamentary or local government seat is a minimum education qualification of a Grade 12 certificate or its equivalent.

This is PF nonsense or matuvi as Guy Scott puts it. Who is Kaingu telling to debate and what is the purpose of the debate? It is the PF that made that law and Kaingu was in parliament to vote for that law so what does he expect Zambians to do?

Has he just realised that he doesn’t have a grade 12 certificate so wants to use underhand methods? Has he got a certified copy of the aptitude test he used to gain entrance to the university?

We are aware that even people like Inonge Wina do not have grade 12 certificates so they are trying to find a way out of the mess they created using arrogance of numbers as opposed to the voice of reason in parliament.

The truth is that this requirement has affected PF more than any other party.

Unlike pornography which does not require formal learning, education in this era is formal.

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