Kaingu told to shut up

Dear Editor
Kaingu’s recent utterances while in Shangombo are not only very annoying but also show his lack of common sense. Surely how can he forget so soon that his paymaster Lungu tumbled badly in the January elections to a point that he can dare tell Malozi to vote for a Lungu councillor? What kind of nosense is this Kaingu?

Kaingu be informed and for once that the thinking and actions of the Lozi people are not guided by what your Lungu does. Yes he appointed that woman Inonge as his vice – but so what? If you did not know Inonge is no factor to Malozi. You should infact have asked yourself why she chose you as her emmisary instead of her coming on her own.

Kaingu stop behaving like a dog that goes back to its own vomit. Surely how can you travel over 600km just to de-campaign the party for which you are the vice? Old Munkombwe would shout Shame! Your love for pieces of silver will take you nowhere and the sooner you realise the better.

Kaingu ask God to give you wisdom so that you can do three things:
1. Never again to insult the intelligence of Malozi
2. Never to betray your colleagues in the MMD
3. Above all discpline your discreditted daughter. Or is it like the saying goes “like son like father”

Shut-up Kaingu. KUZA CA FEELA

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