Kaingu wondered why PF is fighting for Chipata central when matter is still in court

Vice President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Michael Kaingu has asked the Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Mkhondo Lungu to seek an explanation from the Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba on why ruling party members were fighting for adoption for the Chipata Central constituency seat when the Supreme Court is yet to make a ruling in the election petition case.

Kaingu wondered whether it was peaceable to keep the House in the dark on the fight among PF cadres over adoption.

He further accused the PF of having access to classified Supreme Court Information upon which the members were acting.

“Mr Chairman, the PF cadres are fighting over what they perceive to be an impending by-election in Chipata Central; does this mean they know the outcome or do they have a leakage of what the Supreme court will decide?”

Kaingu described justice under the PF government as disgusting.

“This justice is disgusting and why is the justice minister quiet when PF cadres are fighting as if they know the outcome?” he asked.

Deputy Speaker Mkhondo Lungu however downplayed the matter and asked the Kaingu who is also Mwandi MMD MP to give the Supreme Court chance to conclude with the matter before it could be discussed.

Kaingu however insisted that he wanted an explanation from the Justice minister, but the Deputy Speaker of the House ordered him to leave the National Assembly.

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