Kaiser Zulu has bigger problems with president Lungu

Arrested Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu has been on President Lungu’s watch list since early August when he insulted Defense Minister Richwell Siamunene. A State House Source has disclosed that early August, President Edgar Lungu’s had called for a meeting at Hippo Lodge in the Kafue National Park to discuss among other things the appointment of Siamunene the UPND Member of Parliament as Defense Minister. At the Hippo Lodge, Kaizer instead suggested that President Lungu takes Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda to Defense and brings in former Finance Minister N’gandu Magande as Finance Minister because Magande has a bit of following as opposed to Siamunene.” What annoyed President Lungu is that Kaizer insulted in his presence. He said ” Kachikala ka Siamunene takakwata na following. Meaning the f…..cker Siamunene has no following. The source said at this point Lungu got annoyed. The following day Lungu appointed Siamunene as Defense Minister. The source said Zulu then went to State House and filled in leave forms but before the President could authorise, he travelled out to Dubai and Switched off his phones.

Keizer is currently detained at Woodlands Police station detained for firing at former Vice President Enock Kavindele’s son Enock Junior. Kaizer is also likely to be charged with giving false information to the Police when he reported at Woodlands Police that unknown people attacked him. Several PF cadres including Secretary General Davis Chama and Stephen Masumba have fired Guns before but nothing of Police action. This proves that there is more to it than what we all know.

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