Kaizar Zulu sleeping in hotels with small girls

Kaizar Zulu sleeping in hotels with small girls

Dear editor.

Allow us to use your able platform to ask a few things to the so called political advisor to the President .

Kaizar Zulu is a political advisor to the Zambian president, part of his job is to update the president on the political system internally and also externally. It is a very senior and sensitive job which needs a serious sober mind to ran it.

My family and I were driving from Choma late so we got to legit at around 02, I felt tired and decided we spend a few hours at chita lodge to relax and rest, my wife and kids too.

So we slept and around 05 I woke up to do my morning jog and when I went outside, I found a gold land cruiser Parking, Kaizar Zulu came out of the car with 5 young girls all below the age of 30 from my looking and all drunk, he took them into a room and whatever happened there only he knows. My family prepared to leave and we left kafue at 14;00 hrs for Lusaka and Kaizer and the girls were still looked up in the room!!!

My worry is not about those girls but about why someone who hold such a huge position in the presidency could be this playful.

Today is Monday , what time did Kaizer work? What time did he brief the president ?

We have jokers at state house and that is the reason why the president is failing to perform too.

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