Kaizer and Chilubanama scheme to remove Amos Chanda from State House

State House Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama and Special Assistant to the president for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu are scheming the removal of Special Assistant to the President for Press Amos Chanda and Presidential Economic Affairs Advisor Hibene Mwiinga by claiming that the two are UPND supporters, intelligence sources have revealed.

The intelligence sources said that the two have been peddling lies to the president that their workmates were sympathisers of the UPND but the president has told them that he does not mind working with opposition sympathisers.

“In fact the president told them that you can see from his cabinet that he has ministers as well as deputies from the opposition-UPND and the MMD. The president wants an all inclusive government and he will not buy lies that some people at State House are opposition members,” said the source.

The source said that the two officials were peddling lies so as to cover their corrupt activities. Kaizer Zulu is being investigated by the ACC for a bribe of US200, 000 from a Chinese national while Chilubanama asked for K350,000 from a Chinese national so as to facilitate president Lungu visit the head quarters of the Chinese company in China.

The visits to the Chinese construction company should have been during the recent visit by the head  to that country.

Chilubanama is also the man that collected US$15,000 for campaigns from a Tanzanian investors running Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe.

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