Kaizer celebrates dismissal of Chilubanama

Kaizer celebrates dismissal of Chilubanama


Kaizer Zulu the special advisor for corruption and Politics to Edgar Lungu last night hosted a party to celebrate the illegal dismissal of his collegue Emmanuel Chilubanama.

A source who is one of the people that were invited to the party at the Protea Towers Hotel at Arcades Shopping Mall in Lusaka said Zulu popped some champaign. ” Kaizer celebrated Chilubanama’s dismissal. We thought the two were close friends but we realised that actually they were both fighting for control of Edgar Lungu,” the source said.

The source said among the invitees were Kelvin Sampa the Kasama Central Member of Parliament whose election has been petitioned, a Mr. Chishala Kalabasis, a Lusaka Shylock and some senior officers from the Anti Corruption Commission. Others are Lusaka Province PF Chairperson Kennedy Kamba and former Post reporters Tilyenji Mwanza and Roy Habaalu, who has just been given a job at the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) by Kaizer Zulu.

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