Kaizer Zulu addresses Lungu as ‘boi’

Kaizer Zulu addresses Lungu as ‘boi’

KAIZAR Zulu addresses President Edgar Lungu as “boi”, State House sources have revealed.

State House sources who asked to remain anonymous are concerned that President Lungu has no capacity to deal with Zulu, his special advisor for politics.

Since his appointment, Zulu has appeared in the media for wide-ranging delinquent reasons including shooting incidents, assault and kidnapping.

Last week, Zulu caused an accident due to careless driving according to police although he has neither been arrested nor charged for and police have remained mute on the matter.

After the accident Zulu is reported to have assaulted the driver whose vehicle he damaged in the accident.

Barely a week after the accident, Prime TV reported that Zulu stormed a farm in Mikango Barracks area, harassed its inhabitants, burnt their structures and destroyed their crops claiming they were illegally occupying his land.

But another man has since emerged saying Zulu was abusing his power and that he was prepared to die over the land.
Despite calls for President Lungu to fire Zulu for bringing his presidency into disrepute, the Head of State has ignored any such calls.

Sources have told The Mast that it is impossible for President Lungu to fire Zulu, his “scandalous” political advisor because the latter was a powerful figure at State House.

“We are all scared of Kaizar at State House including ba mudala (President Lungu). When the boss says something must be done it can be reversed when Kaizar doesn’t approve but when Kaizar orders that something must be done it is final not even the President can say otherwise – his word is final,” the source said.

“He addresses the President as boi [my friend]. I think President Lungu can’t fire Kaizar because he is scared of being beaten afterwards,” the source added. “They complained that the presidency was an important national institution and must not be allowed to be discredited through disgraceful behaviour like that being exhibited by Zulu.”

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