Kaizer Zulu beats and kidnaps four people

Kaizer Zulu beats and kidnaps four people


State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu on Saturday fired gun shots and kidnapped four people he accused of following him.

On Saturday evening of 7th September 2019, Zulu found Mason Mweemba, Saul Amasipoti, Bernard Nshindo and Jerry Senge having fun at Chita Lodge in Kafue.

Zulu was accompanied by Mpangwe Kachingwe, Rafique and a group of hookers.

Trouble started when the boys were taking pictures of themselves.

This annoyed Zulu who accused them of taking pictures of him and his women.

He also accused them of taking pictures of his speed boats parked at Chita Lodge Harbour next to the Kafue river.

He approached the boys, beat and bundled the two in the vehicle.

The other two sped off in fear but Zulu personally gave chase.

Zulu who was brandishing two guns, fired shots at the vehicle. When the boys stopped, he brought them back to Chita Lodge Kafue.

He made them kneel and he fired more shots in the air, threatening to kill them as he claimed they were hired “assasins” to “take him out”.

Zulu driving a Landcruiser VX and his boys in a second car drove the boys beaten and lumped together like bags of cement to Kafue Police.

When Kafue Police officers heard the story, they refused to arrest the boys as they stated that there was no evidence against them on the reported allegations.

And during this time, a man who identified himself as a Zambia National Service(ZNS) officer, came to report a traffic offence.

Zulu immediately accused him of being part of the assassins. He was also beaten mercilessly.

Zulu threatened the entire police at Kafue Police station calling them unprofessional.

He also said that he would transfer the police officers to “Shangombo” and others would be dismissed.

He stormed out of Kafue Police Station and drove the four to Lusaka Central Police Station.

The four remained locked up and detained at Lusaka Central Police since Saturday night.

They were only released yesterday without any charge.

But they are missing K3,000.00, phones and Laptops, things that were in their Toyota Arion.

Zulu had earlier personally confiscated the laptop and their phones and claimed that he would take gadgets to ZICTA that would establish that the four were “assassins”.

The traumatised four are now seeking to have Kaizer Zulu arrested for kidnapping, assault and robbery.

The identified ZNS officer is also seeking to report the matter.

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