Kaizer Zulu bribes Habazoka with $50, 000

Kaizer Zulu bribes Habazoka with $50, 000

PF useful idiot Lubinda Habazoka has just received his latest bribe  from State House to intensify his dirty job.

Last Saturday between 19:30 and 20:30, Lubinda Habazoka went met State House political advisor Kaizer Zulu at Grand daddy’s.

He collected US $50, 000 and some Kwacha and was instructed to issue more pro PF Statements.

Kaizer Zulu and Habazoka meet in the VVIP room while Zulu’s guards were waiting outside.

Habazoka is the president of the one disgraced Economic Association it Zambia (EAZ).

What EAZ members do not know is that each statement issued by ECZ to praise PF or condemn the opposition, Habazoka gets paid for it.

Habazoka has a history of mental problems. ( details coming)

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