Kaizer Zulu buys private jet

Kaizer Zulu buys private jet

Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu has purchased a Hawker 400A Private jet,which is currently parked at Lansaria Airport in Midrand, South Africa.

Kaizer Zulu has been sharing pictures in his circle and the story himself.
He has attached old pictures of himself when he was in a simulator and a file picture of the plane he has allegedly bought.

Kaizer Zulu is accused of being at the centre of the Mukula trade and he is among the PF inner associates that have accumulated so much wealth in just a space of 2 years.

Zulu has acquired a lot wealth among them 3 mansions in New Kasama,Kabulonga and Rhodes park.
He was recently embroiled in an issue of the Range Rover 2017 which was bought by CEO Chirwa for President Lungu but he grabbed it.

He also has another 2017 Range Rover Sport and 3 flashy Mercedes Benz cars.

Last week, Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba resigned on grounds that there was so much corruption in the PF of which they deny.

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