Kaizer Zulu, Chilubanama got bribes from Zhomei as well

State House gunman as well as President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu and State House permanent secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama got colossal sums of money from a Chinese firm, Zhomei so as to support the dubious transaction that will result into the country losing billions of Kwacha.

State House sources said that representatives of Zhomei met Zulu and Chilubanama, asking them for their support over the dubious deal involving the Ndola-Kapiri road.

“These two guys are cashing in big time, and they have received billions of Kwacha from Zhomei just to support the Chinese in this transaction. This is the same road that the Road Development Agency corruptly awarded to Zhomei at K 790 million although the same road is part of the Ndola Lusaka under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) and is about to be given to other contractors,” said the sources.

After Zulu and Chilubanama were handsomely “oiled” they assured the representatives of Zhomei that they would ensure that the transaction goes through.

“RDA chairman Mukupa, the CEO Kanyuka and other senior officials have all received huge payments from Zhomei. Its only the junior officers at RDA that were offered peanuts,” said the source.

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