Kaizer Zulu compares Sampa to grateful dog

Kaizer Zulu compares Sampa to grateful dog

Kaizer Zulu responds to Miles Sampa on this Facebook post:

Zulu and Sampa were fighting over Chicago’s reopening.

When he was still at State House, Kaizer Zulu funded and spearheaded the election of Sampa as Lusaka mayor.

It all started when Kaizer Zulu posted the following:

The City Of Lusaka Is Getting Hot In The Cold Season!*

_”By powers and freedoms vested in me as a citizen of the republic of Zambia, I wish to inform friends and relatives that I will be having breakfast, lunch and supper at Chicago’s Reloaded tomorrow Wednesday 1st of July 2020. I wish to further appeal to Chicago’s management to abide by the rules of engagement vis a vis Covid-19 guidelines as per presidential directives.” – *Kaizar Zulu.*_


“Well as Mayor I don’t pay salaries or rent either for the many restaurants and bars owned by generally economically struggling Zambians in the City but have shut their bar doors in respect of the Presidential Covid 19 guidelines.

Even in Greece elected Mayors are respected when they enforce Covid 19 guidelines. Worse off a Zambian bar owner there would not dare answer the Mayor of Athens.

Lusaka shall not be abused as an exception to Covid19 compliance by any so called investor. It’s either ALL bars Re-open or non is and more so just because it’s owned by a foreigner.

LCC gives licenses to all restaurants or bars to conduct business in the City. Chicago’s Reloaded has non for now (suspended by LCC) until further notice. Abash Neo-Colonialism putting Foreign owned Bars First and Zambian owned Bars second.

As for anyone not elected anywhere in Lusaka and interfering with our work, please ‘Sela Tubombeko’. We only take orders from other elected Citizens in the City. We are not here for publicity stunts. Ukokwine. We have a constitutional job to do and we shall do so without Fear or Favour!” – *Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa.*

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