Kaizer Zulu demands US$100,000 from MPs wishing to be adopted by PF

Kaizer Zulu demands US$100,000 from MPs wishing to be adopted by PF

State House gunman and special assistant to the president for corruption Kaiser Zulu has demanded US$100,000 from desperate Patriotic Front (PF) and Movement for Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) members of parliament seeking adoption for next year’s elections claiming he will have too much influence on who the PF adopts for the polls.

The affected members of parliament have told the watchdog that Zulu has asked the MPs to raise the money if they want to be adopted as members of parliament. There is serious lobbying by some MMD and PF members to be adopted on the governing party’s ticket.

“There are a number of us lobbying to be adopted on PF ticket and Kaizer has asked us to raise US$100,000. He has assured us that if we raise the funds, he will ensure that all of us are adopted. He told us that guys look here, the president listens to me and if you just raise the funds and you will be adopted, “said the source.
The parliamentarians said that Zulu boasted to them that he played a major role in securing the presidency for Lungu and that the head of state has failed to fire him even in case where the evidence of wrong doing was overwhelming. Zulu claimed that without his efforts, President Lungu could not have won the election and now the president has to follow whatever he said.
“He told us that the president could not fire him when he solicited to US$200,000 from a Chinese man to fix an appointment with him, the recent shooting at Chrismar hotel still president Lungu could not fire him, and most recent one where he had a prostitute in South Africa,” said the source.

Some sources say Zulu has the full blessing of Lungu and he shares all this money with him.

The parliamentarians feared that if President lunbgu does not fire Zulu soon, corruption would become fully fledged at State House.
“Its about time President Lungu considered firing Kaizer…….. imagine how can the entire president be surrounded by people like Kaizwer ,the guy is not adding any value to the presidency,” said the source.

Kaizer explaining something to his puppet  Lungu

Kaizer explaining something to his puppet Lungu

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