Kaizer Zulu flying around distributing pre- marked ballots

Kaizer Zulu flying around distributing pre- marked ballots

Political adviser to outgoing president Lungu has chartered a King Air 9-seater plane to distribute pre-marked ballot papers that were flown into the country from Uganda yester night. Kaizer, who hired the aeroplane through Cooperate Air has so far been to Chipata, Kasama, Chinsali, Mansa and was last seen in Ndola for refuelling.

There is extreme panic in the Lungu camp to insert pre-marked ballots in the electoral process before midnight after it became abundantly clear by intelligence briefings given to the president by the OP yesterday evening that UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema is headed to a 55% first round thumping of president Lungu.

An Israeli registered private plane carrying the ballot papers from Uganda landed at Mfuwe resort airstrip yesterevening 23:00. From Mfuwe, Kaiza Zulu supervised the transportation of the ballots by road to state house where PF cadres were on hand to mark them. State House insiders have revealed that the marking exercises ended at 09:00 hours and the ballots were transported to city airport for airlifting to perceived PF strongholds.

Soldiers manning city airport were this morning ordered to stand down by the ZAF commander himself when they attempted to inspect the ‘classified’ cargo that was under escort by the president’s political advisor.

In Kasama, alert UPND observers attempted to inspect the plane but heavily armed commandos with orders to kill ordered them to clear the airport because the consignment was highly ‘classified’. But from the airport, the UPND teams have been trailing 4 unregistered land cruisers that had been driven from the airport around 15:00.

The ballots that were dropped off in Chipata are still marooned at the airstrip after uncompromising police officers disregarded a presidential order to let the consignment leave unchecked.

Similarly, a Catholic priest who sought a phone audience with president Lungu in Mansa threatened to set himself ablaze if the unidentified cargo left the airport. Fearing altercations with the Catholic Church who comprise the largest voter populations, president Lungu had ordered that the cargo remained at the airstrip as it was still voting time.

It is however expected that the PF rigging squad will go into full throttle distributing the contraband. We urge UPND supporters to remain on guard and never to be swayed by offers of beer from government or ECZ officials. In fact, if you see any dubious vehicle with uncompromising drivers, burn it and saver Zambia from the hands of tyrants.

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