Kaizer Zulu is hated so much

Kaizer Zulu is hated so much

People sympathise with the car he damaged than him


Kaizer Zulu must repent.

President Edgar Lungu’s Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu should repent his crimes against citizens or his ending will be very terrible. To have two serious road traffic accidents (RTA’s) within a month may mean fate or his ancestors are sending or ” giving him a signal” that all is not well. Count the atrocities Kaizer has committed against the many Zambians but he has gone scot free.

He fired a gun at Enock Kavindele’s children, he beat up a Policewoman at the Heroes stadium and later made the woman demoted and transfered, he roughed up a woman at Longacres filling station as well. Last but not the least, he had a number of PF cadres locked up for exposing his Mukula deals. KZ should not think that all these people he is mistreating are happy. How do you frame someone with a case that carries a death penalty like aggrievated robbery for unmasking the Mukula deal. It is a rule of natural justice that nature will one day pay back KZ for the evil he has committed on several citizens. Look now, the same vehicle that was found at the Centre of the Shimabala Toll gate Mukula scandal is the one that almost killed him. Look at comments from social media, very few are sympathising with him. KZ’s day of reckoning is near unless he changes his ways.

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