Kaizer Zulu offers money to victims he beat, robbed and locked up

Kaizer Zulu offers money to victims he beat, robbed and locked up

State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizar Zulu is desperately seeking to drop the case of kidnapping, robbery, assault and false imprisonment pending against him.

To this effect, Zulu has offered financial rewards to the victims to persuade them to drop the cases.

On Friday, Zulu sent emissaries to Messrs Christopher Mundia & Associates, the law firm handling the matter, and offered to pay an undisclosed sum of cash to the four to discontinue the cases.

Last week, Zulu and his gang beat, abducted, robbed and locked up Bernard Nshindo, Sengelwayo Jere, Saul Masikoti and Mason Mweemba.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has reportedly given directives to ensure that Kaizar Zulu is not charged and arrested for the crimes.

After the inaction and interference by Kanganja, the four were forced to take legal action against Zulu and five others in the Lusaka High Court.

They are also pursuing criminal charges directly from the Lusaka Magistrate Court.


President Lungu is known to act swiftly in certain cases but never on Zulu.

In 2016, State House Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama was fired for allegedly sending boys to harrass Football Association of Zambia(FAZ) President, Andrew Kamanga.

The recent appointment of Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) new Board Chairperson, George Chilengwa Siame, was revoked because of his GBV case of 2010.

Former Community Development Minister, and Luapula Constituency MP, Emerine Kabanshi was fired for alleged acts of corruption and arrested for allowing Zampost pay itself advance management fees from the Social Cash Transfer Funds.

Zampost Managing Director, McPherson Chanda was also fired for the same reason.

Chishimba Kambwili was fired to allow for criminal investigations of corruption against him. The cases never saw light of day.

Zambia Airforce Commander, Gen Eric Chimese was also fired on reports of alleged corruption.

But besides numerous Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Anti Corruption Commission(ACC) investigations, Kaizar Zulu who has brought great disrepute to the presidency through his violent acts and decadent lifestyle, will not be reprimanded or fired.

In September 2015, Zulu was arrested for beating and firing gun shots at Lusaka Businessman, Enock Kavindele Jnr at Chrismar Hotel.

Zulu was only saved when President Lungu directed that a Nolle Prosequi be entered in his favour and the case be discontinued.

This appeared to be a licence to maim for Zulu.

Since then, Zulu has engaged in numerous violent acts against innocent people; from Heroes Stadium where he harassed CAF officials and beat an innocent police woman, to threatening to beat an innocent woman at a filling station who dared ask Kaizar to join the queue like everybody else.

Recently, Zulu beat a close member of the Patrotic Front, Chomba Kaoma at Protea Hotel Ndola, when President Lungu was visiting the Province.

He also sent his boys to beat a PF member, Fidelis Solomon, who criticized Zulu on the party affiliated WhatsApp blogs.

In both cases, the matters were reported to the Police and medical reports filed but the Police were instructed not to proceed with the cases.

Other fresh cases have emerged where Kanganja is shielding Zulu from prosecution.

Last week, Zulu beat a man over a hooker at Grandaddy’s Shoka Nyama in Salama Park.

The man reported the case to the Police and submitted medical records.

Todate , Zulu has not been summoned nor arrested.

Another recent case involves officials from Ministry of Lands.

For whatever reasons, he called the officials and the matter ended with Kaizar beating them.

Even in this case, Police have not moved to bring Justice to the victims.

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