Kaizer Zulu orders police to transfer his docket


…as he manipulates medical report
DISGRACED political advisor to Edgar Lungu Kaiser Zulu has directed Lusaka Province Comannding officer Nelson Phiri to retrieve the assault docket against him from Matero Police to Central police and has since manipulated the medical report.
Meanwhile a delegation of the women’s movement comprising lawyers from the Women in Southern Africa and NGOCC this afternoon undertook a fact finding miss on at Matero police were they established that Jackline Nkulukusa a paramilitary officer had reported the assault case.
“The matter was reported at Matero but the bosses have demanded the docket and it is now at Central police.
“There is no doubt that she was assaulted by Mr. Zulu and footage is available showing how she was assaulted,” said a source at force headquarters.
The source However revealed that Zulu had since directed the doctor to change the medical report to indicate that Nkulukusa did not have any bodily harm from the assault.
“The fact however remains that he assaulted the woman and the women’s movement should help the poor girl because she is already being threatened by Zulu,” said the source.
Meanwhile lawyers from WILSA and NGOCC have vowed to ensure that justice is done against the pompous Presidential aide, who has been publicly boasting that he is untouchable
“We are following this matter closely and we would like to see justice prevail. We are sure that since Mr. Zulu is untouchable his boss may not take any action but this man must be made to face the law for the assault. We are aware that the footage at Heroes stadium has been tempered with but we already got it.
“It is shameful that a man of his standing can be hitting the woman in that manner with blows,” said one of the lawyers.
According to the docket in the possession of the Zambian Watchdog, Nkulukusa sustained some neck injuries and some painful ribs. She also complained of head injuries.

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