Kaizer Zulu selling ministerial positions

Statw House Special Assistant to Corruption Kaizer Zulu is soliciting for thousands of dollars from Patriotic Front members seeking to be appointed as  minister in key ministries, State House sources have disclosed.

Zulu, infanously  known as State House gunman among his peers is asking for as  high as US$150 000 from PF members wanting to head influential ministries  especually Energy, Works and Supply and Education among others were money  can  easily be  stolen.

The ministry of energy is being auctioned for $300, 000 due to the oil contracts to be awarded soon.

“It’s no easy to be appointed as Energy minister now. Kaizer is asking for not less than US$150,000. He has been telling PF members wanting a ministerial job that if he is given the money he will convince the president to appoint an individual to an influential position,” said the sources.

The source said that Kaizer want to have people in influential  ministries  so that he could easily manipulate them and get whatever deals he was from them.  So far,  according to the source, Kaizer has been proposing certain names to the president without the forged  head of state knowing the  reasons.

“You know Kaizer and his tandem of thieves think they gave the forged president the presidency and so they now want to put their own people in influential  ministries  so that  whatever they want they can easily get it. EL is blank and will only wake up when its late,” said the source.

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