Kaizer Zulu still wanted by police

Kaizer Zulu still wanted by police


President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor and State house based gunman Kaizer Zulu is still wanted by Woodlands Police for questioning.

Zulu faces a plethora of criminal charges ranging from violence to corruption. He is expected to appear for questioning at Woodlands police tomorrow. 

He was summoned to the same police station last  Friday but ignored the call-out.

Sources close to the case say president Edgar Lungu has finally decided to show Zulu where real power lies. 

‘Apparently Lungu has given orders to lock him up. He was supposed to be locked up on Friday at Woodlands Police station till Monday then taken to court, the Watchdog understands.

‘Officers called KZ to appear than them going to pick him up. His response was “if you want to experience a bloodbath at my house, send your stupid officers here.’ They did not send them.

Kaizer Zulu has been poking President Lungu that he should be grateful to him for making him president.

Last week, President Lungu travelled to UAE abut left Zulu behind. Back home, Kaizer Zulu appeared on Diamond TV where he allowed himself to be asked rehearsed questions. It was the first time the nation saw Zulu speak in public. During the stage-managed interview, Zulu sent subtle but strong message to Lungu: ‘if you manage an election and it’s successful to your credit, no one wants to see you alive.’ Clearly here Zulu was saying he should be given all the credit for Lungu becoming president. 

But, according to sources, what has pissed off Lungu is Kaizer Zulu’s alleged advice to him to step aside because he would lose the 2021 elections. 

 A few weeks ago, Zulu sated on his Facebook page that, ‘ it’s better to lose a position, than to lose power”.

According to intelligence sources, this message was directed at Lungu and what Zulu meant is that, if Lungu steps aside for another PF candidate in 2021, he would lose the president but will remain in power as part of the PF.

But if he insists on standing, he will lose both the presidency and power when PF is voted out. 

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