Kaizer Zulu survives arrest in South Africa after paying hotel huge sums of cash

Kaizer Zulu survives arrest in South Africa after paying hotel huge sums of cash

Kaizer Zulu

Kaizer Zulu

Special Assistant for Corruption at State House who is also Political Advisor to President Edgar Lungu Keizer Zulu was almost arrested in South Africa during the China Africa Summit, the other week.

Zulu who was in the presidential entourage picked a South African prostitute and decided to leave the official accommodation for the Zambian delegation and booked a presidential Suite at Radisson blue Hotel in Sandton.

He paid undisclosed but huge South African Rand in cash, a move that raised suspicions from Hotel management who later called in the RSA Police Crack Squad. Zulu did not want to pay using one of his numerous bankcards but opted for cash to conceal his identity. It is believed that even the booking was done in the name of the woman he picked from one of the famous news cafés around Sandstone.

When the Police arrived at the Hotel, they went straight to Zulu’s hotel room and found him with the same South African prostitute.

“So the Police enquired and discovered he had a Zambian Diplomatic passport, ” a source from the South African government told the Zambian Watchdog. It is actually not a diplomatic passport but an official passport, the red ones used by senior government officials but served the same purpose as diplomatic passport.

The source said Zulu was then ordered to remain in the hotel room with his prostitute under Police guard until his identity was verified.

The South Africa police later left him alone but he immediately vacated the hotel without enjoying the huge sums of money he paid. He rushed to go and join the presidential delegation.

Zulu is one if not currently the most corrupt Zambian citizen but can not be sacked because he bankrolled Lungu’s campaign in January elections.

Zulu used the money that he received from an Israel company called OTI SYSTEM that installed a system software at The Roads Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).

It is this money believed to be in the range of US 8 million that was shared between Zulu and Zindaba Soko the RTSA Boss that made late President Michael Sata to fire Kaizer.

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