Kaizer Zulu threatens violence again

Kaizer Zulu threatens violence again

State House Special Assistant for Politics on Friday afternoon threatened and verbally assaulted Lusaka businessman, Chomba Kaoma.

Chomba is associated with the ruling Patriotic Front and regularly jogs with President Lungu.

Chomba narrated the ordeal on the WhatsApp blog called Countrywide.

Chomba explained that Kaizer had caused a traffic jam with the boat he was toying in Kabulonga area probably heading to Kafue river water resorts.

Its during this time that Zulu spotted Chomba and hailed insults at him.

Chomba was aggrieved that this happened when he had his children in the car.

During the official visit by President Edgar Lungu to the Copperbelt in May 2019, Kaizer Zulu beat up Chomba for unknown reasons.

The incident occurred at Protea Hotel.

Chomba obtained medical records and handed the incriminating evidence to the Police in Ndola but Zulu was protected and has not been charged, arrested or prosecuted over that assault.

Recently Zulu has been in the news threatening and beating up people.

Two weeks ago, Zulu and his gang beat, abducted, robbed and locked up Bernard Nshindo, Sengelwayo Jere, Saul Masikoti and Mason Mweemba.
Following the failure by the Police to prosecute the complaint, the four have taken the matter to the Lusaka High Court.

Recently Zulu also sent his boys to beat up a PF member, Fidelis Solomon, who criticized Zulu on the party affiliated WhatsApp blogs.

Another recent case involved officials from Ministry of Lands.

For whatever reasons, he called the officials and the matter ended with Zulu beating them up.

Two weeks ago, Zulu beat a man over a hooker at a trending club known as Grandaddy’s Shoka Nyama in Salama Park.

In September 2015, Zulu was arrested for beating and firing gun shots at Lusaka businessman, Enock Kavindele Jnr at Chrismar Hotel.

He appeared in Court but the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) withdrew the case by entering a Nolle Prosequi in the matter.

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