Kaizer Zulu’s 10 most scandalous crimes

Kaizer Zulu’s 10 most scandalous crimes


By shamoba……… Tipenda chabe

1: He attempted to kill Enoch Kavindele Jnr at Chrismar Hotel which is owned by Valden Findlay. Zulu fired several shots at Enoch in the Chrismar carpark. Luckily he missed all the shots. After this incident Zambia Police said that they had retrieved all the guns from Zulu. But that was really not the case.

2: Kaizer Zulu assaulted and verbally abused CAF officials live on TV and in full view of President Edgar Lungu at the Under 20 AFCON Final at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.
3: Kaizer Zulu bashed a brand new government car at Munali roundabout in a drunken spree in the middle of the night.

4: Sometime last year Kaizer Zulu assaulted brutally another PF member he had a conflict with somewhere in the Chelston Avondale area.

5: Earlier this year he brutally assaulted another PF member in a hotel lobby in Ndola. The vicious assault was captured on hotel CCTV and went viral, Amos Chanda was also present when the assault took place.

6: In April this year Kaizer Zulu fired several gunshots at NDC President Dr Chishimba Kambwili’s house during the Roan By Election. The docket is still open at Luanshya police but they’re scared to investigate

7: About 3 months ago Kaizer Zulu kidnapped, assaulted and falsely imprisoned several young men at Chita lodge in Kafue, he brandished his guns and through them in prison without cause.

8: Two weeks ago Kaizer Zulu held several people hostage at Chita lodge in Kafue, he also slashed the tyres of one of the patrons.

9: A few days ago while driving carelessly Kaizer Zulu bashed a school bus school of children aged between two and twelve years old. He again waves his guns in the air to terrified children, viciously assaulted the bus driver, unleashed his cadres and threatened the owner of the school.

10: This week, Kaizer Zulu caused havoc when he went to burn houses on a farm in Mikango that is not his, but wants to grab forcefully. He also destroyed the crops planted by poor farmers.

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