Kaizer Zulu’s talisman glows in the dark

Kaizer Zulu’s talisman glows in the dark

STATE House Special Assistant for Politics Kaizer Zulu has a talisman or African charm that glows in the dark.

This came to light when Zulu survived a road traffic accident where he ploughed through the wall perimeter at Munali Secondary School and damaged the $200,000 Toyota Landcruiser GRZ vehicle extensively.

When evacuating Zulu and his Russian girlfriend from the vehicle, he insisted he had “valuables” to collect.

But he picked some talisman that sent all his boys into panic and silence as the “thing” glows in the dark and breathes!

“Kaizer Zulu umuti akwata bakamba walifina! nshamonako!” said one of his sidekicks who sought anonymity.

A talisman is an object that someone believes holds magical properties that bring good luck to the possessor or protects the possessor from evil or harm.

“Be Kaizer ubwanga akwata, bubi, ichintu chale yaka no kupema” he said.

Kaizer Zulu crashed a government Toyota Landcruiser VX vehicle worth millions of Kwacha.

He lost control and missed the traffic circle and went through Munali Secondary School Perimeter Wall..

He refused that the vehicle should go to the Police Station but took the vehicle to state House state house in the dead of the night.

Kaizer Zulu who was left behind when President Edgar Lungu travelled to Turkey, had an accident on Sunday night.

He was coming from Arcades area and going to Chelston to drop his Russian girlfriend.

Kaizer who was visibly drunk missed the round-about turn and drove straight through the Munali wall on Great East Road.

He called his boys to rescue him and take the car away from the accident scene and took it to State House.

The GRZ Toyota Landcruiser was damaged beyond repair.

Zulu was in company of his white Russian girlfriend when the accident occurred at around 03hrs.

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  • comment-avatar
    Kanyama 2 days ago

    What you saw was VIBRRANUIM. Kaizer is from WAKANDA. You need to be a member of the Wakanda Kingdom to understand the technology. Most Easterners know and understand the technology behind chitumwa

  • comment-avatar
    samlindo 5 days ago

    No matter what charms one may have, when Gods time knocks, nothing will protect you, just repent and become human once again, and advise the one you advise to also change, time is running out, that was just a signal.

  • comment-avatar
    pf cadre 6 days ago

    Wasting governments property, foolish advisor you were suppose to die!!! Its just that ubwanga ebowakwata bukali

  • comment-avatar

    Looking for work

  • comment-avatar
    jazzy 6 days ago

    fuck fuck fuck why din’t you die you idiot mother fucker stinking penis and balls and anus