Kalaba admits accompanying Lungu to meet Mugabe

After revelations by the Watchdog that Edgar Lungu and Harry Kalaba flew into Harare Wednesday afternoon to receive funding and rigging tips from Robert Mugabe, Harry Kalaba issued the following hollow statement today:

Yesterday I accompanied the President of the patriotic front, Hon Edgar Lungu to Harare to meet his excellency Dr. Robert Mugabe, President of the republic of Zimbabwe. As you are aware President Mugabe is also the President of ZANU-PF, a sister party to the PF.

The meeting was meant to provide an opportunity for the two leaders to brief each other on their respective just ended part conference and current issues affecting the two parties. As the first contact as respective Party Presidents, the two renewed their commitment to continue cooperating.

President Edgar Lungu took time to brief President Mugabe on the events leading to his election as well as after the elections. He expressed confidence that Zambia’s democracy has matured and that politics have become positively competitive. He assured President Mugabe that unity is returning to the ruling party.

This meeting was important in many respects including the fact that as chairperson of SADC, President Mugabe was assured that the elections shall be held in a free and fair environment. Through him the rest of the member states shall accordingly be assured. As an important neighbour, our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe were also assured as such.

Allow me to dispel some reports you may have read in the media. During the meeting, the issue of funding for the PF was never discussed. I wish to confirm that the PF has received and continues to receive support from local well wishers. The need for external help in this regard will not arise.

The PF has confidence in the electoral system and particularly in the men and women tasked with the duty of managing the electoral commission. I therefore, expect that we should all have this confidence and be ready to accept the outcome of the 20th january, 2015 polls.

But remember that our party went through a sad period of wrangling and we need to demonstrate that the issues are now behind us.

On a lighter note I wish to report that President Mugabe is well and in high spirits and that he conveyed good tidings to the people of Zambia. On behalf of President Lungu and on my own behalf, I again thank President Mugabe for receiving us and taking time to meet us.

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