Kalaba confirms Lungu is going to watch half naked girls in Swaziland

Kalaba confirms Lungu is going to watch half naked girls in Swaziland

As reported by the Watchdog earlier, dictator Edgar Lungu will fly to Swaziland to watch bearbreasted under age girls dance for King Mswati this weekend.

According to Lungu’s tour guide, Harry Kalaba, Lungu will also attend a show in that country.

“I wish to inform the nation that His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the President of the Republic of Zambia is scheduled to officiate at the International Trade Fair of the Kingdom of Swaziland from 2nd to 4th September 2017 as guest of honour,” Kalaba said.

Meanwhile, Kalaba announced that Zambia had been elected to chair the Organ Troika of the SADC Ministerial Committee on Politics, Trade and Security from 2018 to 2019.

Yesterday, the Watchdog reported that :


PF President Edgar Lungu is this weekend expected in Swaziland to dance with and ogle at half naked small girls while his host King Mswati will probably chose one of the little girls as his 16th wife.

Lungu will also officially open the Swaziland International Trade Fair but dance with semi naked girls after as that is the main purpose of his trip.

A source at State House has disclosed that Lungu has been invited by Swaziland Ruler King Mswati to officiate at the fair.

” Edgar Lungu is this weekend expected to leave for Sswaziland . That is why in Ndola today he deliberately said travelling is part of his duties. He expects criticism because everyone was expecting something big after his holiday eating Game Meat in the Luangwa Valley.

‘By the way you guys deserve a credit. You are the only ones who reported that Lungu had travelled to North Luangwa National Park straight from South Africa.

‘He was very annoyed when it leaked,” the source said.

The source said apart from officiating at the Swaziland International Trade Fair, Lungu together with his host Mswati will also be dancing and choosing concubines at an annual event called Reed Dance.

While Lungu is forcing Zambian women to only marry when they are above 21, he will be enjoying watching 15 year old girls walk around naked while his fellow dictator Mswati will pounce on one of them.

Watch and see if Lungu will carry his wife Ester to Swaziland.

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