Kalaba, Mwamba fight over Bushiri

Kalaba, Mwamba fight over Bushiri

A rift has erupted between PF minister of foreign affairs Harry Kalaba and PF envoy to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba over Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Mwamba has accused Bushiri of bribing the South African courts and police to detain Zambians who were caught trying to swindle some business men out of 10 million Rands by pretending to own gold. It’s not clear if Emmanuel Mwamba was part of the deal. But the statement by Mwamba has unsettled Harry Kalaba who is Prophet Bushiri’s business agent in Zambia.

Bushiri owns an emerald mine in Lufwanama called Shephered mine. Kalaba is a silent partner and top beneficiary of the mine.

When Mwamba tried to link Bushiri to the gold scam, Kalaba phoned him and blasted him for ‘misleading’ the masses.

Bushiri is expected to arrive in Zambia tomorrow​w​ and grace a fundraising dinner for Zoe Ministries which is affiliated to his church.

The Zambia government has so far referred to Bushiri is a magician who is not welcome in Zambia.

Bushiri’s problems with the Zambian rulers started when he prophesied that there would soon be a tribal war in Zambia.




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