Kalaba secures endorsement from Luapula chiefs for presidency

Kalaba secures endorsement from Luapula chiefs for presidency

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has secretly secured endorsements from several Luapula Chiefs and some Bisa chiefs in his presidential bid for 2016. The battle for 2016 in PF has heightened following president Lungu’s collapsing some three weeks ago.

Meanwhile, information has emerged that Harry Kalaba and Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila are financing Nevers Mumba’s MMD faction.

Kalaba is positioning himself for the presidency in 2016 and has since received endorsements from Luapula Chiefs and Bisa chiefs.

Some people in Luapula are referring to Kalaba as the new Fredrick Chiluba.

Kalaba and his team have even financed a

Harry Kalaba

Harry Kalaba

conference called National Policy Conference that is scheduled to endorse the merging of the MMD Nevers Mumba’s camp with the Harry Kalaba’s PF camp. The conference started yesterday and will end today (Thursday). Others who helped finance the conference are Gender Minister Nkandu Luo and Samuel Mukupa a Member of the Central Committee in the Patriotic Front. Kalaba was behind the appointment of the yet to be sanctioned appointment of Nevers Mumba as ambassador to some country in the Americas

Kalaba sees himself as the legitimate leader of PF and considers Lungu a caretaker president. Sources in PF say Kalaba was upset when president Lungu side-lined him and appointed Ngosa Siyambyakula as acting president when he went to seek medication in South Africa. Kalaba ended up being sick.

Kalaba and his group view vice-president Inonge Wina and agriculture minister Given Lubinda as UPND ‘visitors’ who would sell out the party if allowed to rise to the helm.

President Lungu is seen to be vulnerable in PF and relying more on the MMD faction of Rupiah Banda. During elections for the presidential by-election, Lungu said that he was grateful because Bembas allowed him to lead the PF.

The battle line is Lungu and Rupiah Banda’s faction of the MMD on one side and Kalaba and the Nevers Mumba MMD faction on the other side.

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